FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is loyalty program?

PantherShieldz Offers free membership to all their customers on their first order. Loyalty Program is a program where customer receive loyalty points on each and every purchase. It started with a view that customers gets benefit of each and every purchase so that they get benefit in terms of points and can redeem them whenever they feel like.

Why should I join?

To receive loyalty points on each purchase so that you can extra discount on your next purchase to receive extra discounts.

Is there a fee to become a member?

No, PantherShieldz offers free memebership to all there customers on their first purchase. Also if you sign up for Newletter you still become a member for free.

How do I become a member ?

When you place your first order you automatically become a free member.

When will I receive the points ?

Once you have placed the order the points will be in your account created at

The loyalty points will show a status of PENDING and will be credited in your account only when the product is delivered at your doorstep.

Once the order is delivered the points will show a status of “APPROVED” and you can ready to use on your next purchase.

What if I return the product ?

If you return the product, you will get a refund and the loyalty points will be cancelled from your account.

How points are calculated ?

Loyalty points are calculated on your cart value:

On Each Rs 10 spent you get 1 point.

So if you buy a product for Rs 499 you get 49.9 points

How can I redeem it ?

Once the product has been delivered the loyalty points are credited in your account with an “APPROVED” status.

So when ever you make a next purchase you can redeem the loyalty points to get an extra discount.

Will the points be deducted when the replacement will be done ?

No, your points wont be deducted on replacement.

Is there any minimum spend to redeem the points ?

No there is no such minimum spend policy to redeem the points

What if I forgot my password & account  ?

Your can recover your password by using forgot password and reuse your account.

Can points be transferred ?

No the points cannot be transferred to any other account.