About Us


PantherShieldz makes world-class screen protectors to businesses and consumers on a global scale. With a large product portfolio – covering FlexiGlass Screen Protectors for smartphones, tablets and smart watches – we can help you protect practically for all your mobile devices. PantherShieldz is the only company providing FlexiGlass Screen Protector solution for each and every smartphone, tablets or smart watches ,hence you name the device & its already listed on our website for our customers.

We are committed to invest in innovation and development & listening to the needs and wants from our customers & consumers so as to satisfy the needs & requirement and maintain our position as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality screen protectors & ending up with the ultimate shopping experience.

FlexiGlass Screen protectors from PantherShieldz are much more than just screen protection. As one of the leading screen protection brands in the market - providing screen protectors for all the smartphones, tablets and watches - we are passionate about protecting your device.